Domestic Couple, Estate Manag. Couple



My name is Rhys and my partner Maelle, we have been together in a loving relationship for ten years now living out our lives on the French west coast, we are both professional in the hotel industry I am myself a Night Manager and she is a polyvalent responsable of Housekeeping in two hotels of around 300 people. We are looking for a new challenge for our specific array of services. I myself was a professional in the demolition and construction industry for many years aswell as being a semi professional rugby player which explains my presence in France those many years ago when we met. I am British citizen and New Zealand Permanent Resident I attended Wellington College and Lincoln University in the goal of obtaining a bachelor's of Art my partner on the other hand is a French national with many years of Housekeeping and care giving experience she is also an avid animal caregiver with a degree in Animalrie. Between u we are capable of running a very tight ship and strive always for excellence in all our endeavors. If today we feel the need for change it is because we feel that we are adequate enough to take on a role as a domestic couple. Our savoir faire is myriad and we delited to be considered for any future role within this industry.

Domestic Couple, Estate Manag. Couple Domestic Couple, Estate Manag. Couple
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