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Professionally, I am an attorney by training as well as a licensed real estate broker. For the past seven and a half years, I have managed multipe residences (4 in total) for a French national residing mostly in Canada and NYC through my company, Minetta Lane Realty, which is essentially a one-man operation. While I have been based out of NYC, I have travelled several times per month to Montreal and/or Quebec City to coordinate visits of the principal and/or her guests when she is not in NYC and where my duties have included extensive personal assistant responsibilities.

As noted in my resume, I have been responsible for the management of three households plus one rental property in three cities (and two countries). For each residence, my duties have ranged from hiring/training cleaning staff and various contractors/trades people for maintaining and repairing each property to handling numerous bookkeeping tasks such as the payment of real estate/school taxes, monthly maintenance, and the seasonal rental of one of the properties. I have also organized the catering and hosting of large dinner parties and BBQs, for groups of up to 30 guests, for the NYC household. Managing multiple residences and households is one of my specialties.

You may also note that I have a not insignificant experience supervising capital projects such as the construction of a $1. 2M roof garden for the NYC co-op and the construction of a new vacation house in Quebec City. Consequently, I have had extensive experience corresponding and interacting with architects, general contractors, lawyers, accountants, tradespeople (plumbers, electricians, and contractors), specialty vendors and other professionals including city and state agencies such as the NYC DOB, NYC DOF, NYS BCL, and the NYS DOL as well as their Canadian counterparts.

I am a native speaker of English and French, and I speak German fluently. I also hold dual American and Canadian citizenship (I travel with my US passport), and I am an active member of Nexus and Global Entry. If needed, I have an active Notary Public certification. Regarding travel planning, you may note that I completed the Damien Hirst Spot Challenge in 96 hours and 38 minutes whereby I visited 11 cities, 9 countries and 3 continents with all airline bookings done via points.

If asked, I would consider my administrative and multitasking skills to be my strongest but I am also exceptionally organized and resourceful, and when given an assignment, my MO is to always get it done ASAP. Additionally, a legal drafting internship at the Supreme Court of Canada helped me develop strong verbal and written communication skills as well as excellent research skills including the preparation of complex travel reservations and business and travel itineraries. You may also note that I am a licensed elementary and middle school (math) teacher so I am comfortable working with children

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