Butler, Personal Assistant


Being born into a family with a strong moral background, Mr. Suhardinata has attained the ability of open-mindedness while maintaining fundamental standards when it comes to interactions and important decisions, granting him the capability to manage a well-organized team while staying focused to the goal in sight. He believes that in the making of a great team, there needs to be a balanced relationship between staffs where professionalism is primary.

As an individual with great respects towards dilligence and integrity, Mr. Suhardinata has always endeavored to perform to the best of his abilities without breaching the ethical codes of conduct in his field. In addition to being a devout believer in the value of honesty, Mr. Suhardinata is also highly capable of grasping the importance of discretion and silence in performing his responsibilities.

Having been accepted into one of the most prestigious medical universities in Indonesia as well as participating as an active member of the medical community, Mr. Suhardinata has also acquired an understanding on the beauty of empathy and compassion through his experiences in caring for those in need of medical attention.

Blessed to be a quick learner with a young and functional body along with a sound mind and fine eyes for character, Mr. Suhardinata displays promising capabilities to flourish through his flexibility, energy, perseverance, and fine judgement. Thus, making him an exemplary candidate for the private service industry where attitude is considered to be one of the key determining factors for quality distinction.   

Butler, Personal Assistant
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