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Is MAISON Private Staff a recruitment agency?

No, we are not an agency. We are an online recruitment platform connecting household & domestic staff with private employers. We help to staff the most exclusive estates in the world. We offer the simplest way to find high-end private staff with no middle man and no agency fees.

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What are the benefits to recruit through a platform?

Recruitment on MAISON Private Staff is low-priced, with fees 10x cheaper than traditional recruitment agencies to advertise unlimited vacancies. We do not intervene in the recruitment process, removing intermediaries and preventing unnecessary delays, creating an easy, low-cost, hassle-free recruitment process. 

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Why recruit through MAISON Private Staff?

We offer a unique tool to connect private employers - private families, HNWI or their staff - with an exclusive network of experienced professionals. MAISON Private Staff is the sister site of Madame est Servie, which has been providing a reliable and successful service in France and Europe since 2013, creating over 950 jobs and with most recruiters returning the platform to fulfil their vacancies again and again.

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How can I register and post a vacancy?

Register in minutes by clicking on the tab Register/Sign and choose in the drop-down menu Employer and select Create a recruiter account or click on the button below. Write a detailed job description and choose how long you would like the vacancy to be advertised on the platform. Once the fee paid, your vacancy would be reviewed and would be listed on the platform.

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How does the recruitment process happen?

The process is seamless, simple and fast. Experienced candidates apply directly to confidential job openings - sending their CV and their cover letter. You get access to the candidate's database where a number of filters are available (years of experience, position, location, keywords, etc.) to find the perfect employee.

What types of candidates can I expect to find on the platform?

Professionals with strong experience working for private households, private offices or HNWI as well as professionals with a background in the luxury hospitality like top-end hotels & restaurants or from yachting experience. 

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Are my vacancies confidentially advertise on MAISON Private Staff?

Yes, they are. Only details such the city & country where the role is based are required.

How do I receive relevant candidate applications to my vacancies?

It is important to write the job opening as detailed as possible describing the role's duties & responsibilities and the minimum of experience required. It also helps to mention the salary package and working hours in order to get qualified candidates to apply to your vacancy.  

Do you charge a commission when I successfully recruit someone?

No commission is charged when recruiting candidates. We ask you to pay a fee - from 1 month to 1-year membership depending on your needs - to post your vacancies on MAISON Private Staff. Once registered as a recruiter, you'd have access to a dashboard to write your job opening and choose a membership to post it.

How can I make sure that the job openings I've posted are always visible?

You can select 'Star Visibility' in your dashboard to increase the visibility of your vacancies; they will always be listed on the homepage and top of the listing.

Which cards can I use to pay the fee?

You would need a debit or credit card. PAYPAL makes a secure transaction on the site. Please let us know if you need an invoice at contact@maisonprivatestaff.com.


Is MAISON Private Staff a recruitment agency?

No, we are not an agency. We are an online recruitment platform connecting private household & domestic staff with private employers. We do not intervene in the recruitment process meaning that there is no intermediary between candidates and private employers. Candidates apply directly to job openings posted by recruiters such as private families, private offices or HNWI or their staff.

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What are the benefits to use MAISON Private Staff platform vs a recruitment agency?

We do not intervene in the recruitment process; you can apply directly to vacancies posted by private employers & recruiters - to any roles, for free. Candidates profiles are visible to private households & recruiters - although they can be confidential - which means they can reach out directly to you for new opportunities. We regularly receive new job openings based in the UK and internationally so it is easy to keep an eye on the market.

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Is it free to register and apply to job openings?

Yes, it is free and easy to create a profile in 5 minutes. You have access to a dashboard where you can edit your profile and add your resume and any relevant documents. Then you apply directly to - as many as you need - relevant open roles posted by private employers.

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I'm currently employed; can I keep my profile confidential?

Yes, you can have a confidential profile by simply ticking the box “confidential”. Your name and photo won't appear on your profile.

How can I create a profile?

It is quick and easy, click on the tab Register/Sign In and choose Candidates in the drop-down menu, then click on Create a candidate account. Alternatively, click on the button below. Please make sure to read our Terms & Conditions and our Data Privacy Information.

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How can my profile be more visible to private employers?

If you choose 'Star Visibility Profile' in your dashboard, your profile will always be featured on the homepage and on the top of the candidate listing. 

Who post the job openings on MAISON Private Staff?

The site is dedicated to private employers & recruiters recruiting their private staff so you would find that vacancies are posted by private families, their private office or personal secretary/assistant or house manager.

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Are vacancies advertised on MAISON Private Staff real jobs?

Yes, unlike some websites, the identity of every single vacancy is checked by our team and private employers must register and pay a fee to post a vacancy.

How do I apply to a job opening I’m interested in?

You will need to register or login and select the job opening you would like to apply to. A summary of all your details and profile would appear as the recruiter would receive them, and you will have the possibility to add any other relevant documents before sending everything to the recruiter.

Who will receive my job application?

MAISON Private Staff connects private employers and candidates and does not intervene in the recruitment process. Thus, your application will go directly to the recruiter or private employer, their office, PA, house manager. Please make sure to check your application before sending it.

Can I edit my personal details?

Yes, you can by logging to your dashboard, you will be able to edit any personal details you’ve previously entered like your resume, your address, photo or telephone number for example.

Can I delete my account from the website?

The best option is to choose to switch your account to “unavailable”, which means that your profile won’t appear on the candidate listing but will be able to apply to new job openings in the future by switching back to the available mode. If you wish to remove your profile from our database please email us at contact@maisonprivatestaff.com

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