Chef, House Manager

Rosario RUSSO


I'm Rosario Russo, an Italian chef.

I have 34 years of experience as a chef, 28 years in the hotel and catering industry and 6 years as a private chef in a private family.
I was born in Naples, I live in Umbria (Italy) for 25 years.

I have 17 professional cooking classes,
my cuisine is international, I am an expert in fish cooking, meat, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, pastry, long yeast pizzas, and I am also a sommelier.
I am an expert in gardening.

I am looking for a private chef job as chef/ House manager.

To Reschio Castle where I worked for four years, I was also responsible for the house and all the staff.

I am ready to try to prove my professionalism.

Have a nice day
Umbria - Italy

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