Chef, Yacht Crew


My name is Bogdan Neacsu
I have 28 years in the kitchen, last 3 year I was doing 250 fine dining private chef jobs around the UK with 99% overall ratings and 72 reviews with 5 stars with my company chef-at-home and also with La Belle Assiette, Take a chef and Dineindulge and I'm ready for a new challenge

Bogdan has a passion for local, seasonal food and loves using techniques and flavors that he\'s picked up on his travels, working as a chef on cruise ships traveling through the Mexican Riviera, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Panama Canal, Caribbean, and Alaska.

He specializes in 5 and 7-course menus, full of ingenious flavor combinations and delicious surprises, using the freshest seasonal produce sourced from local suppliers he knows and trusts. Farmed or foraged, grown or reared, every ingredient that makes it into his dishes is the finest he can find.

Chef, Yacht Crew Chef, Yacht Crew
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