Cook, Chef


With my 5+Star Hotel Background as well as working with Michelin Star chefs, my will to explore, my drive, focus and professional ambition, I am ideally suited to take the next step in my career development and work at sea. I am enthusiastic and knowledgeable about food and cuisines – my favorite food to cook would have to be classical French. I am a creative chef with great levels of stamina. I have vast experience supporting more senior colleagues and working under pressure as part of a team in the kitchen, and I am also a confident and self-starting professional on my own right. I am very flexible and have great adaptability to work in any kitchen, as my work experience demonstrates. I enjoy stepping outside of my comfort zone to fulfill other people’s taste and requirements, and seek to further expand my knowledge in hospitality and food. I fill I’ve developed as far and as fast as I can in traditional restaurant/hospitality background settings and am ambitious to work at sea next.

Cook, Chef
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