Domestic Couple, Household Couple


Hello, my name is Gail, I am English and my partner is Jerome, who is French and also speaks fluent English. We have worked together as Housekeeper/Guardian for properties in Courchevel and also separately as a co-ordinator for rental properties in the Loire Valley.
We are both enthusiastic in our work and loyal to our clients. Jerome is also a fully qualified ski instructor for 30 years and a water ski instructor in the summer months. My background has been in the travel industry, sales and banking. We live in Courchevel in the winter and live in Annecy in the summer and also spend time in the South of France.
We are now looking for a new challenge but in the same industry. Our CVs do not do us justice but we have lots of commonsense, knowledge and experience in our roles and give our clients 100% loyalty.

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