Domestic Couple, Household Couple

Miriam GILL & Pierre-Edouard POTIE

We are a couple looking for a live-in domestic couple position, ideally in France or Switzerland.

Our education and career paths have equipped us with a mix of experience and expertise which particularly suit these posts. We have both had experience working for private clients in household/estate settings, as well as in working together as a couple, which always works excellently!

We, Pierre-Edouard Potié (French) and Miriam Gill (English) both speak fluent French and English. (Pierre also speaks Spanish).
Pierre-Edouard’s career as a botanist (studying plants) took him to different parts of Latin America where he gained sound competency in his field, specialising in the creation and management of medicinal gardens. His time in America was extremely character building through his adaptation to different cultures and languages, as well as through the diverse teaching and projects he carried out, with diverse people.
More recently, back in France, Pierre-Edouard has pursued his desire to produce local, organic fruit and vegetables. After studying agronomy (the science of soil management and crop production) he set up his own fruit farm in Valencin (Isère). He has gained vast knowledge and expertise in managing trees and crops and has many acres of successful orchards which he is now able to manage at a distance.
In horticulture and domestic gardening Pierre is also highly competent and experienced - in both plants/tree care, and in general gardening and maintenance (flowerbeds/ornamental, lawns, hedges, up-keep of driveways, paths etc. ). He is very hands-on, having constructed chalets and renovated ancient properties. He is also very apt in putting his hand to more basic tasks, such as tree/wood cutting, sweeping chimneys etc.
Pierre enjoys singing, having been for many years a member of a choir (classical/polyphonic). He also enjoys visiting places, walking/hiking, rowing (- in which he is an instructor and has participated in many competitions) and reading.
He is highly motivated, effective, dedicated in his work and a very pleasant, kind and joyful person to work with.

Miriam began her professional career in founding a successful design company in London - designing, fabricating and installing water features - which gave her much experience in managing projects, liaising with contractors, good customer service, office administration and hands-on fabrication.
After desiring a move to France she worked as a chef and then in teaching, while becoming proficient in the French language. Her work for several years within a charity gave her ample opportunity to develop her management and practical skills - in interior decoration and maintenance, as well as in landscape gardening and fruit/vegetable production. She has also had the opportunity to work on farms which has deepened her interest and knowledge in organic food production and country living.
The care work which Miriam has carried out has given her the opportunity to tend to those in need, which brings her immense satisfaction, while it has equipped her with a wide range of important care skills (e. g. first aid, life-support).
The various roles which Miriam has accomplished have often required general housekeeping (laundry, ironing, cleaning) which she enjoys and completes with application. Cooking she particularly relishes! Her artistic expertise has also been called upon during her years in France, particularly in oil and icon painting, and in sculpture.
Miriam is hardworking, gives attention to detail and strives to provide exceptional service, while being naturally both amiable and courteous.

Both of us work well in a team, though equally well alone. We are highly discreet and understand the importance of confidentiality, us both having worked with clients requiring the up most discretion.
We are looking for a long term position and are very flexible in terms of spending time in other locations if required. We adapt easily to different settings and people and are very much appreciated by those we work with.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

Pierre-Edouard and Miriam

Domestic Couple, Household Couple Domestic Couple, Household Couple
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