Estate Manager, Executive Assistant


My broad professional background and wide range of competencies allow me to provide exceptional management and high-quality comprehensive services for multiple properties. I implement the highest standard in operational, maintenance, security, and entertainment support to satisfy client requirements and preferences. My ability to proactively anticipate, identify, and resolve property and staff issues assures comfort and security of the people who depend on my focused attention, analytical thinking, and resourceful problem-solving skills.   Coordinated opening and closing of seasonal homes. Oversaw acquisition, design and build-out for residences; ensured household manuals and insurance policies were kept updated.

Personable and professional. Outstanding interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills, backed by finely honed sense of aesthetics and creativity. Responsible for the care and maintenance of fine automobiles; proven skill at multi- tasking abilities.

Known for discretion, poise, and absolute commitment to quality of service. Proven skill at simplifying clients' demanding schedules and complex lifestyles. Excelled in enhancing the quality of life 

On the estate management front, I treat each estate as if it were its own boutique enterprise. Therefore, I provide your clients with the ultimate requisite skills.   Clients desire a seamless transition from one home to another and everyone has particulars.   Perhaps it is a favorite scent, music collection, food item, or family photo.   I term this Residential Continuity Management.   It is more than just service but involves managing inventories and “environments” across all estates while delivering balanced and exemplary service. The household manuals I create not only take into account the clients’ existing, emerging and evolving styles across different environments, but also those of close relatives and friends who are regular house guests.   For several clients, as a certified Construction Project Manager, I have overseen renovations and liaised on real estate acquisitions.  One of my key strengths is employing a holistic management style with proven ability to mentor, develop, empower, and lead high performing teams committed to delivering an exceptional level of service standards and product quality excellence.  

In terms of culinary skills:

While my CV is one of an Estate Manager, a significant part of my time has been devoted to the kitchen. For one client who entertained business clients at her home in southern France where she created a private B&B of sorts I frequently cooked. (Her main business is in import-export in Finland. ) From her reference letter I will send, you will note that I did not just cook — I created. I may not have had formal culinary education, but I’ve worked beside some amazing chefs in my tenure as an Estate Manager and know my way around a kitchen very well. Healthy, creative cooking using natural, locally sourced ingredients and "dynamic contrast" are the basis for my culinary creations.   My blog shows that I have a certain mindfulness approach to cooking and providing dynamic contrast to dishes. Food should be layered, not only in taste but texture…dance on the palate. At least that is for what I strive.   One could say it's sort of "Ottolengi -esque. " Just as the client requires fresh ingredients, I too use what I buy at the Sunday village market in a nearby French village, I go to a local producteurs co-op to find local meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetable or forage in my garden and woods. From my garden, I use the herbs and plants available. In addition to seasoning, I also add various plants as nutritional supplements, such as dandelion root or Brennessel. I believe in Wholistic and Holistic approaches to life.

https://creative-food-and-fitness. site123. me

Estate Manager, Executive Assistant
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