Estate Manager, Personal Assistant



Available for your Estate Management needs - while presently based in the US, I’m available for opportunities worldwide, open to international travel with the ability to easily relocate for my next position (notwithstanding visa issues). It would again be exciting for me to have a client with multiple homes, with a need and desire for travel assistance in their pursuit of life and business interests.

A natural-born facilitator with an innate affinity for making life easier and more enjoyable for the people around me, my clients consistently praise me for my considerate manner and the “seemingly” effortless way I go about creating the many successes in their lives.

I’m enjoying a versatile career in the role of Estate(s) Manager with Personal Assistance knowledge and qualities. Bringing a breadth of experience covering the full spectrum of service and support to the position, I am well versed in staff hiring/management, finance/budgeting, building/property upkeep, onto organizing of travel needs, and so much more.

I have been blessed to work with kind and generous individuals and families, and I have a strong need to continue this trend.

I feel confidence – with my aptitude, skills and the quality of care and attention I bring to my work – that I will be a great asset to the right client. I believe a brief call would give you a greater sense of this and allow us to move forward with a more in-depth conversation.

I thank you in advance for considering my résumé and I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.

Thank you,

Richard D. Collins

Estate Manager, Personal Assistant
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