Governess, Tutor


My motto: ''We all need just a little help from each other to become a better version of ourselves''.

Good morning, I am Katarina, 36 year old tutor and educational psychologist. I believe I have a talent is helping young people to fast track their intellectual and social development. During 8 years of working with young people in a school setting I had an opportunity to test various educational strategies. Extensive training and tons of practice enabled me to develop quite exceptional teaching skills and now I am able to prepares students for university level education. The goal is to help young people become more independent and active learners. My work also included supporting children in emotional and social development. I completed Friends for Life course which aims to promote positive self image and prepare young people for challenging situations.

For 4 years I have been delivering Instrumental Enrichment programme which focuses on the way we think, learn and solve problems: so called higher-order thinking skills. The programme also focuses on emotional awareness and self-regulation, and that's vital when we want to bring about real changes in the development of the individual. In small groups (5-10 students) we were using various school related problems as well as everyday tasks and games to practice: observation, divergent thinking, asking relevant questions, suggesting hypotheses, planning, analysis and synthesis, evaluation etc.

Higher-order thinking and problem solving skills are best to be revised and internalized in a natural environment, during everyday tasks. It requires an open mind and a whole lot of creativity, but really and truly any task can be an opportunity for growth. Often children don't even know that they are practicing a skill, because we have fun with it.

I put a lot of focus on effective and positive communication, collaboration as well as respectful attitude, because those are important no matter what we decide to do in life. Usually it's just a matter of few weeks and we can observe improved family dynamics, and children becoming more patient, empathic and responsible.

I believe that my personality is well suited to work with young people, I am just looking for a less formal role than I used to have. I know how to motivate children, I easily spot their innate talents, I know how to make them laugh. I help them experience that any goal can be accomplished once we put in enough time and choose good strategies.

More details about how I work as a tutor/mentor can be found in a cover letter.


Governess, Tutor
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