House Manager, Estate Manager

Isabelle Charlotte PAILLIE

Conductor of my life, it's only that I restarted it. Luxury has been part of my married life for 15 years, so I know the front and back office, a significant asset when one is property manager.

What characterizes me: an excessive courage, a strong involvement in each of my missions, a large organization, a sharp eye, a versatility: housekeeper, personal assistant, butler, DIY, practical spirit, garden, decoration. . . . all the posts of a house have no secrets.
The concept of helpfulness is innate and I take a real pleasure. I am also a great handyman and has several strings to my bow in this area.

Unfortunately victim of sexism in this profession hitherto essentially male, I do not hesitate, if necessary, to accept missions of butler or butler. Nevertheless, it is a position on the long term that I aspire, to invest myself fully.

Totally mobile, excellent presentation, multilingual, loyal, trustworthy, respectful, orderly, meticulous, versatile and modern I am, from my experiences, both House and Estate Manager. I carry out the usual tasks required for the interview, I manage, recruit and train the teams and of course, I compensate for all the inconveniences with a perfect mastery of the stress and a strong optimism.

Better than a cover letter, meet me!

See you soon!

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