House Manager, Estate Manager

Michael ROSATI

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Michael Rosati, I have been working in the private family service field for many years. I started my career as a PA/house manager and after achieving a trustworthy status from my employers, I began taking on larger responsibilities for higher and more articulated tasks.
As an accountant based mentality, I tend to focus more on the budgeting. I believe that capital management is the first step for increasing the value of an investment; running a house for private clients, in a lot of ways, is similar to being the chief of a proper company in my opinion.
My mission is to take care of my clients and all their needs in the most professional way as possible. I have shifted towards serving private customers and I strongly believe that a personalised service can make the difference in today's commercial offers. Attention to detail can be achieved and offered, at the highest level, in private settings.
This is why when I am on duty I do not take days off nor have scheduled working times, I’m available for my clients 24/7 for the entire time of their stay, holidays, and travel.
Actually based in Milan (Italy) I am willing to relocate and/or travel. I have the capacity to take on any new tasks and changes and I am confident in my ability to adapt quickly to thrive and increase my experience.
As a positive person I strongly believe that my CV will be kept within your database. It will be suitable for any occasion in the future you will be in touch with.
I am totally available and happy to organise the first contact with the manager of my last job.
I look further to hearing from you.
Your sincerely.
Michael Rosati

House Manager, Estate Manager
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