House Manager, Personal Assistant



I am writing to express my interest in the position of Property Manager

After having made the choice to experiment with short term contracts all over the world (to diversify and enrich my knowledge of the profession internationally for more than 8 years), I now wish to put all this experience into the benefit of a long-term project.

For more than 8 years in luxury 5* hotels and also for private family UHNW,
I used to work as P. A Property Manager all around the world and for different client ( Vip, Politics, Royal Families, businessman. . . )

As a Property Manager, I am in charge for my clients or guest who comes to the property, to coordinate their stay while keeping the high-end and prestigious standards imposed by my employer.

My daily role to structure and organize the teams in the different departments of the property (Housekeeping, Chef, Butler, Laundry, Driver. . . ) in order to ensure a prestigious and high-end service meeting my employer’s standards.

My goal is that my teams and I provide an exceptional, unforgettable, daily, confortable and prestigious services to my client and our guests for them to feel exceptional.

My goal is to provide with my team an exceptional and exceptional daily lifestyle at my clients
I really wish and except our client won’t spend a “Classic Day” but leave with an unforgettable “Experience Day” every day of their lives.

I really think that in Private Hospitality,
we are not in manufacturing business,
we don’t produce any goods,
we are in the business of creating smile and building an “Experience”

My role is to set up, with my team, some protocols and standards to allow this
" Exceptional Experience" every day.

This kind of "Experience" can be during we organized some special events at home, which
I am used to plan and supervise on the properties (weddings, birthdays, Special events. . . . . )

And on a daily basis, a warm and personalized welcome for my clients and their guests.

By always listening to them in order to understand them better and be able to anticipate their various requests.

It is just as important for me to be close and attentive to my team.
This helps to better understand and optimize their working conditions and guarantee the quality of the services offered, all in a pleasant working atmosphere.

My role is to optimize the experience of my clients through my professional dedication and my strong involvement.

And to guarantee the high quality of service,
I live 24/7 and travel with my client and his family to ensure also their close protection and medical assistance.

Prioritizing workloads and tasks with my rigor,
I have an eye for details regardless time and apressure.
Friendliness & professionalism at all times, I have a focussed “can do all” personality.

My 8-years in French Elite Army at the Pompiers de Paris has instilled many values:
* Professional rigor
* Team work
* Professional discretion and efficiency
* The desire to take care of others (my guests) and the pleasure of making others happy
* Dedication and important involvement in carrying out his professional task
* Desire to excel and meet challenges to satisfy our customers
I am proud to instill these values ​​in my team in order to provide the best quality of service to exceed the expectations of my clients.

For my part, my solid military background means that I have a perfectionist eye on the quality of service but also on the control of the property with rigor.

In fact, I control and observe the entire property on a regular basis, down to the smallest details, in order to ensure impeccable cleanliness and comfort for my clients.

And this through daily "check rounded" to verify the rooms conditions, interior and exterior of the property, cars, pool and general maintenance.

I am also in charge of controlling the financial aspect by analyzing and planning the various expenses to guarantee my employer a good financial profitability.

Until January 2021, I study online a double bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality and I wish after an MBA with Polytechnic Hong-Kong to validate my years of experience in the field, but also to enrich my knowledges and get better at my job.

My enclosed resume will provide you with further informations on my skills and experiences in the hospitality industry.

I am looking forward to hear from you and get the opportunity to discuss more about the contribution I could make to your client

House Manager, Personal Assistant
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