Household Manager, Handyperson


My name is Victor Miguel Lopes Cubeira, i'm 41 years old.
I can speak Spanish, French, English and of course, Portuguese.
I dont have any criminal record, i'm a healthy person, no drugs, i consider my self a honest, discret in all senses, and hard worker. License driving, car and motorcicle, with any record.

Since 2017 encharged of 2 propertys in Portugal (house maintenance and terrain), owner is selling them due is age and living in other country.

About 18 years working with a famous Pianist, i was forced to be the man who does everithing, i was encharged of his farm, with a pool, turism, and 500 ha of terrain. I was managing all her life, in Portugal, when she was travelling on concerts. I was kind a secretary, multi task person, driver of vip friends that were coming to visit her to Portugal, i was the responsable for all the recources of the house with 19 rooms.

School office administration during 7 years.

Team leader in a garden company, after one year i was responsable of a group of 7 people with several jobs in private houses. I have more than 10 years of knowledge about garden jobs and all tools including swiming pools care and maintenance

Team leader in a forest company and soon i was responsable of a team in that company. I have more than 10 years knowledge about forests tasks.

References as request


Household Manager, Handyperson
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