Housekeeper, Lady's Maid


With over 25 years of experience as a professional housekeeper and cook, I consider client care at the heart of everything I do. I aim to provide a personalized service to ensure each individual need is met. I am always loyal to the families I work with and will always protect their privacy and property. My experience working with such important individuals has given me the opportunity to thrive and progress, I have learn how to refine my skills continuously and can carry out the trickiest of tasks. In addition. I addition, I have consistently received positive feedback from families regarding my work and have been successful in building and maintaining a respectful relationship with different families. Madame Guinness has also expressed her gratitude for the work and care I have provided to her. I truly believe I have the required skills and experience to contribute to any household. I have been described as kind with a calm disposition, trustworthy and a hardworking individual.

Housekeeper, Lady's Maid
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