Housekeeper, Nanny

Brunelle AGULIAN

I am a young girl from the Bordeaux region, originally from Pau, in the south-west of France. I am looking for one-off or regular assignments in order to continue financing my studies and gain new experiences. I want to put my interpersonal and pre-professional skills at the service of a private family. On the strength of my professional curiosity, ongoing self-training in the profession of housekeeper allowed me to acquire technical notions as well as codes of good conduct. The materials for this self-training vary: books, videos and tutorials, blog articles, discussions with people from the hotel industry, practical exercises. . .

By nature I attach great importance to the cleanliness and beautification of a home. I also love to cook, serve and iron.

I am a lovely, rigorous person, excellent presentation and I show a great capacity of adaptation. I am a BAFA graduate and very experienced with children from 3 to 13 years old, due to work in adapted structures, internships in parallel with my studies as well as nanny services in private homes. I have skills and interpersonal skills that made me want to experience the role of housekeeper and housekeeper. I was able to experience the latter quite recently, with three successful experiences as a domestic worker, two of which were in a high-end environment. I am also an intermediary nanny of two German and American families, of which I take care of the girls in French and in English. I also have experience as a maintenance agent, and a multitude of other experiences and training which allowed me to acquire the skills previously stated. In addition to my search for experience, I hope to best meet all the requirements that the roles of nanny and housekeeper require.

Housekeeper, Nanny
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