Maternity Nurse, Nanny


Dear Family,

My name is Nicky, 28 years old and I was born in Albania but raised in Greece, as my parents moved
into when I was 2 years old.
I am a graduate of the Technical Institute of Epirus, where I studied Early Childhood Care and
Education for 4 years. I obtained my Cambridge Proficiency in English Diploma after a 9 year
attendance at a private school for English.
Professionally, I have enjoyed working with children of all ages   as a maternity nurse/nanny, a
babysitter, a kindergarten teacher and a private live-in nanny before, while and after my 4-year studies
in the field.
I immersed myself in childhood psychology and care. What I learned from my undergraduate years is
the importance of fostering a warm and inviting environment based on pre-school psychology
through an interaction between creativity/child-play and early educational experiences. As a firm
supporter of the Montessori theory, that is the most valuable virtue I could offer on my behalf to your
Under my care, children have been introduced to routine, completed potty-training, mastery of
alphabetics and arithmetics, succumbing fears, adjusting smoothly in new environments. Successfully
prepare and pass entry exams-interviews for eligible schools. entered. Two of my most unique
experiences, I would like to underline, is taking care of my sister who was born when I was 14 and has
been my sole charge for her first four years of life, as well as being a maternity nurse for triplets
before I enter the university!
As a character, I am highly responsible (I started babysitting when I was 9!), creative and very
passionate with what I do. My greatest value is being highly empathetic, to which I attribute my
confidence and commitment with children, as I do not consider myself working but creating and
I enjoy Arts and traveling, socializing, exploring new cultures and languages, and devoting a lot of
time in volunteering and sports (I’ve got strong sea-legs). My mother tongue is Greek and I am highly
fluent in English, however I could communicate in French, Italian and Spanish at ease. I am looking
for my next long-term commitment and I am available for the next 12 months, at least.
I hope this gives you a tiny idea of who I am.
Kind regards,

Maternity Nurse, Nanny
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