Nanny, Maternity Nurse

Confidential candidate

Motivation letter,

Since I was a kid I had to realise that having friends around us, learning in a playful way and being able to be our selves while we grow old is an essential way of becoming the person we would love to be ! Along my way I developed my mother instincts through different kinds of situations with many kids that I took care of ! I don’t have a kid on my own but I always did feel the love that I share for each and every kid individually makes me connected to them in a special way! Every age has their proper miracle in it in terms of development and I like to experience every second of it ! I also think that solving problems in very unexpected and sudden moments or in general should be treated with calmness and great care ! I am looking forward working with you and in between the joyful miracle of life the kids themselves!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Kind regards,
Nicole Jonas

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