Personal Assistant, Butler

John Stacey GILMOUR

Good day,
Invisible service is my forte. For over 20 years I have worked in the closest environments with my Principals, across a broad range establishments and households, upholding my professional boundaries and their privacy.
I possess strong staff management skills and lead by example. I have developed excellent teams of service providers and my references support an outstanding performance record.
I am a dedicated, well-rounded, intelligent person with a wonderful knowledge of the arts. I have attendant Paris Fashion week 5 years in a row; I understand fashion and believe fashion is art, not only believe one should live in art.

I have British and Canadian citizenship and I am available to travel to the UK immediately. I am fully vaccinated and follow all protocols. I am an excellent team player who believes in kindness, compassion and enjoys helping fellow colleagues.

My passions include travel, culture, and unique global experiences which fuel my work ethic and commitment to excellence. As a result, I have tracked to over 305 cities in the world and I have lived in Canada, USA, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Russia, Georgia, Israel, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand and China and Mexico.

As I worked for UHNWI I not only organized elite hotels but also stayed in them, experiencing Skibo castle and becoming a member of Carnegie club to organizing and attending the Oscar's and Golden Globes. I worked with the West Wing when The USA President was in Georgia, and planned and executed events for the Israeli and Georgian Governments.

I view failure as an opportunity to learn and posess the following strengths:
- Proficient IT & CRM systems skills
- Able to prioritise work, meet deadlines, make decisions and communicate effectively under pressure
- Able to react and adapt quickly to new requirements and processes
- Strong networker and relationship builder

I have been a Stylist for over 15 years. Now I might not have very much print exposure.
I am always with the magazine and I am at Paris Fashion week and Moscow Fashion week.
I understand what will be in fashion and I believe we must live in art that is what fashion is.
I have been in Canada assisting a family member recover from covit19., they are doing wonderful now.
I am fully vaccinated and able to travel to the UK immediately.

John Gilmour

Personal Assistant, Butler
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