Personal Assistant, Companion

Diana SWAN

A proud widowed mother of 3 grown children, who has spent the last 5 yrs working across the UK as a professional Private PA to a number of HNWI, Aristocratic and Titled individuals.

This type of work has naturally introduced me to very discerning strangers and demanded of me that I immediately establish a harmonious and compatible rapport. This needs to be almost instantaneous ensuring trust and easy communications.

HNWI individuals are extremely detailed and demand that high standards be met at all times. They are most often surrounded by a team of staff to include Housekeepers, Chefs, Butlers, Chauffeurs, Estate Managers, Cleaners, etc. and I enjoy the teamwork but always know that the standards demanded of the Principle need to be met.

The work has proven to be extremely varied and challenging and has included overseas and lo-cal travel arrangements, accompanying Principles on European excursions, to the House of Lords, to their country residence or simply to social engagements.

Responsibilities included arranging and preparing and cooking Luncheons, Dinner Parties to a prescribed and agreed menu tastes varying widely. Special attention paid to the presentation of the meal, whether a light snack or a main course. Table settings too are detailed and often dictated by heritage and custom. Gatherings such as Drinks and Savoury Snacks, Afternoon Teas, Bridge Parties, Picnics, and Seasonal Parties all demanding differing menus and presentation detail.

This unique set of individuals generally have full business and social calendars and each meeting requires individual treatment, ranging from casual luncheon gatherings with friends and family to more audacious affairs for visiting dignitaries to include three or four-course meals.

Overseeing household finances and organising household staff, dealing with contractors, and instituting renovation projects, cataloging valuables, purchasing on behalf of the principle and the household.

Responding to email and sending monthly reports to POA or other parties concerned.

Ensuring the household runs smoothly, is immaculately presented, and always on hand to greet and welcome distinguished guests. Maintaining a welcoming, peaceful and happy environment as it is the backdrop for both personal and working relationships.

Personal Assistant, Companion
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