Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant

Confidential candidate

My current duties include:

1) Property Management (seven properties in central London)
a. Leases
b. Utilities
c. Maintenance
d. Renovation projects
e. Acquisitions
f. Operation of a 10 bedroom property through AirBnB

2) Vehicle Management
a. Maintenance
b. Licensing, permits etc
c. Purchases

3) Financial Management
a. Procurement for the Centre
i. Managing procurement department
b. Budgets
i. Working with various departments on annual budgets and expenditure
c. Investments with trustees and directors, and financial department

4) HR Management
a. Directly managing 20 staff
b. Assisting HR manager with:
i. Recruitment
ii. HR administration

5) Operational Management
a. Working with events department / operations department on:
i. Weekly, monthly and specific annual functions in Centre
b. Managing Media department / IT department
c. Managing Logistics department, warehouse and products for bookstore
d. Managing bookstore and reception staff

6) Personal Assistant
a. Personal assistant to the Centre director
i. Personal errands from time to time
ii. Travel arrangements and personal documentation
iii. Drivers
b. Donor relations
i. Managing a few high profile donor relations with the Centre
ii. Donations
iii. Events

7) Secretary to the Board of Trustees
a. Organising board meetings
b. Preparing documentation, minutes, and reports for board meetings
c. Working with trustees on various aspects of the governance in cooperation with the director and financial manager.

8) Office Management
a. General Administration
i. Permits
ii. Licenses
iii. Office space coordination
iv. Kitchen / Chef
v. Health and Safety
vi. Fire Systems and Training

9) VIP / Celebrity Relations
i. Taking care of VIP/Celebrity students of the Kabbalah Centre
ii. Working with UHNW students of the Kabbalah Centre

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