Personal Protection, Estate Manager


VIP Family, UK
I am a highly proficient Close Protection Security Officer with over 16 years’ experience working within the Military and for private clients and organisations. Currently working as a CPO for a VIP family based in the UK, I am also a Freelance Private Mercenary working for a number of Private Military Companies where I lead teams to carry out a range of classified operational missions including land security, maritime, convoys, crisis response, search and rescue. Having completed an extensive range of specialised training courses and programmes I am certified in key elements of security and protection enabling me to apply strategic and tactical planning to any operations I work on to identify and mitigate potential security risks. I thrive in a multi-faceted and fast paced environment and am equally adept at working independently as in a cohesive team. Adaptable, resilient and highly motivated with a strong work ethic I am methodical and analytical in my approach ensuring accuracy while delivering exceptional results.

Defendory Maritime Security Forces MSO – Maritime Security Team Leader

• Providing specialised Maritime Security services as an Armed Team Leader to enable safe passage through high risk areas for multiple clients.

Freelance Private Mercenary

• Working on a freelance basis for a number of Private Military Companies carrying out classified worldwide operations including land security, maritime, convoys, executive protection, crisis response, kidnap control, close protection, search and rescue and special operations; companies include Blackpearl, Defendory, Diaplous Group, LSS SAPU, Triaina and Aspida Group; completed 18 operations as an Armed Team Member before progressing to an Armed Team Leader role completed 65 operations to date in this role.
LSS – SAPU (Special Anti-Piracy Unit) Maritime Security Officer

• Led a 4 person armed team responsible for the safe and secure passage in Somalian waters, the Gulf of Aden and all high risk areas; ensured meticulous planning of all sailings to minimise risks.

VIP Family, Greece Close Protection Operator

• Provided CPO security as personal bodyguard for the Government District Attorney and his family; completed personal escort by motorcycle; managed the armed CPO team ensuring safety and security at all times; team included static guards, yacht security and several properties; accountable for all elements of risk management including route planning, convoy formations, vehicle controls, premises assessments; security monitoring; organised security for all activities.

Watermania, Greece Close Protection – Personal Driver
Marmaris Hotel, Greece Security Officer and Supervisor
EWpektasi AEBE, Greece Close Protection – Security Officer/Personal Driver
Military Special Forces, Greece Hellenic Special Forces Parachute Regiment

Personal Protection, Estate Manager
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